July Box: All American BBQ


It’s that time of the year again when the cool Spring days/nights are being replaced with the warm sticky nights of Summer. When camping is prevalent amongst families that have been cooped up for the entire school year, and where people can really enjoy the outdoors that they have so longed for over the fall and spring months. Of course, food plays a huge role in our enjoyment during the summer months. Many of you were confined to cooking your food indoors (unless you live in a tropical region) and now can pull out your trusty grill and cook something delicious without the mess that usually occurs on the indoors.

For me, a BBQ is much more than just some good cooking on a grill though. A Barbecue is a time of family, friends, connection, and so much more. We can break bread and really enjoy each other while getting the much-needed sun that our bodies so need. As we move into the summer months I encourage you to get out and cook something bold on the grill!

Our July box that ships out on July 1st will be filled with spices, seasonings, recipes, activities and so much more. We want to help you enjoy the people in your life with the gift of food! We firmly believe that food is the gateway to bonding and connection with those closest to you. So don’t hold back this July! Get your Flavor’s Of The World Box and be ready for some serious Barbecuing this summer.



Thanks for creating this wonderful idea. I am so proud of you guys for making it so authentic! My mother who is Haitian was so excited to see the "osselets" as well! She has not seen them since she was a little girl in Haiti and she's in her 60s lol

Jenny E.

Monthly Subscriber

I'm a subscription box addict and I can honestly tell you that the details that went into this box is amazing. The inserts, the recipes and the full experience including online content is out of this world. I'm telling all my friend and family to get one.

Susan G.

Monthly Subscriber

We just received our box today, I have to say what an amazing box with so much detail in the products and all the recipes are so easy to follow, absolutely love it.  thanks again for the fabulous box. Can't wait to 


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