Mexican Mole Seasoning


Complex and bold flavor with authentic Mexican holy trinity chiles from Mexico. You’ll be licking your fingers with this mole seasoning.

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It was said that Mole originated from the early rulers of Mexico. Our Mexican Mole seasoning was one of the key featured seasoning in our Mexico Flavors of the World Box. It received rave reviews as it was used to make a delicious Chicken Mole served with our Mexican Rice recipe.  Pronounced “Mo lay” and usually prepared with chocolate, the flavor is complex and beyond satisfying. You can also use this Mexican Mole seasoning on pork, chicken, and beef. You can skip the long hours needed to prepare mole from scratch by using our blend. Stew our Mole seasoning with other sauce ingredients to make your Mole in half the time.


Smoked paprika, sesame seeds, onion, garlic, brown sugar, ancho chiles, pasilla chiles, guajillo chiles, raw cacao powder, Canela (Ceylon) cinnamon, allspice, anise, chipotle chiles and cloves

How to Use:

We recommend that you try our Chicken Mole recipe with also used our Adobo Lime Rub seasoning on the chicken itself.